Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Panels Of The Week - Week Of 11/02/11

Another week has passed, and it's once again that time where we spotlight our favorite panels. From crime fighting via slim jims to a well placed Spinal Tap reference, there were plenty of fun panels to be found in last week's comics. Here are our 10 favorites:

10. Action Comics #3

If she's not actually Mxyzptlk I will be so disappointed.

9. New Mutants #33

"What every new reader thinks about the Summers/Grey line"

8. Swamp Thing #3

I will never look at those fish the same way again.

7. Uncanny X-Men #1

Scott would actually be a pretty great supervillain.

6. Uncanny X-Men #1

....these go to 11.

5. Stormwatch #3

Midnighter won't belong to any club that would have him as a leader~

4. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #2

Yeah, I hate it when my robbery attempts get foiled by a superhero wielding Slim Jims too.

3. Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger #3

Always a good excuse. It's a very Buffy line. And man, is that art gorgeous.

2. Animal Man #1

Priorities, Ellen!

1. Amazing Spider-Man #637

Apparently, the best way to beat out Animal Man for the Panel of the Week is to use a pantless Herc.

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