Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 52 Review Show: Pilot Episode

Eric Holodnak (Electric Nerd) and Bobbinette Carey decided to start doing a show for the 52 Review site. We pick two books each and review them, then pick a topic.

On the pilot episode we go over Hawk and Dove, Action Comics, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Batgirl. And the topic at the end is the new DC universe's attempt to be grittier and more adult, and is it actually being immature or are they handling it correctly?

Give it a watch and let us know what you think. What can we add? What books would you like us to review? Have an idea for a topic? Is my girth slightly unsettling to your children? Or do you just disagree with what one of us has to say? Let us know. Anyways, here's the pilot. We're still waiting on the mics but we wanted to practice the format. Enjoy.

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I actually think DC has a fair amount of books that are decent for kids. There's Action Comics, OMAC, JLI, Superboy, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, The Flash. Teen Titans is honestly more young reader friendly than it was before. What they're really missing right now is something for the Batbooks that's lighter in tone. Tim's book has been good for that in the past, and it's what pre-boot Batgirl was, but there's nothing right now. Batman is a possibility, but it's gruesome enough that some parents might not be cool with it. I read stuff like that as a kid but I've always been pretty desensitized to fictional gore.

I do think comics get judged a little harder on this stuff than other forms of media. I'm guilty of this too. I wouldn't put Stormwatch on a list of kid friendly comics, but honestly, if it was a film, it'd probably be able to pull a PG rating. And I don't think The Incredibles comics could get away with being dark in the way that the film was. It's interesting!

Anyways, enjoyed the episode! Looking forward to the next one.

i would recomend dividing the video into 4 parts for each book since this video is pretty long

Really enjoyed the video and looking forward to the next episode!

I love graphic novels, but haven't ever gotten into DC's mainstream monthlies. Is there one of the new series that you would recommend for a comic newbie?

For a newbie? Well, everything's been centered for a newbie. But was I you, I'd go Justice League. Justice League really seems to be setting itself up as a cornerstone of the universe and is explaining the characters quite nicely. Green Lantern: New Guardians is a really fun read. A bit more confusing but prancing about Wikipedia and looking up different Lantern Corps will help a bit. Teen Titans isn't bad, the arts wonky but it'll help cover some ground as well.

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