Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Panels Of The Week - Week Of 10/19/11

Another Wednesday is upon us, and that means another week of recapping the very best in panels! From pantless robots to an unusual brand of popcorn, there were lots of fun panels to be found in this week of comics. Here they are, our top 10 panels of the week!

10. Batman: Odyssey #1

Batman: Odyssey cranks me out, but I love the coffee.

9. Atomic Robo And The Ghost Of Station X #2

If I can figure out a way to use the word "robutt" in everyday conversation, I think my life will be complete.

8. Darkwing Duck #17

Just a really fun panel for any fans of Disney toons.

7. Hellblazer #284

Horrid? Look lady, that is a pretty stylish jacket.

6. DC Universe Online Legends #16

Normally, I'm not really into this comic, but this was just one great moment of a surprisingly fun issue. The Guy Gardner panel alongside it was also terrific.

5. Uncanny X-Men #544

Panels like this are always fun for fan speculation. It looks like readers may have been given some pretty big hints of things to come.

4. Wonder Woman #2

Don't even think about messin', folks.

3. X-Factor #226

Lookin' kinda Jakita Wagner there, Monet.

2. Birds of Prey #2

I'm really enjoying Starling. Thought this bit was nicely done.

1. Batman #2

The only thing better than Batman being a total badass is Bruce Wayne being a total badass. He looks like a superhero even without the costume.

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