Friday, October 21, 2011

The Top 20 Covers of January 2012

At last, all the January solicits have been released! From another great Batwoman cover to some interesting debut issues, there are plenty of awesome looking covers for any comic fan to enjoy. Here are the 20 covers we think are the most badass, most beautiful, and the most fun.

20. Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #4, by Szymon Kudranski

A great looking cover that matches the book's style perfectly. I love the corners.

19. iZombie #21, by Michael Allred

Brain coffee's way too bitter if you don't add some sweetener.

18. John Carter: Princess of Mars #5, by Skottie Young

Skottie Young covers are always a treat.

17. The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #4, by Tradd Moore

It's the "YEAH!" on the back of the comic that really makes this one for me.

16. Wolverine and the X-Men #4, by Mark Brooks

I am totally going to pretend that the kid with the pink hair is Scot Kavanaugh from Locke & Key.

15. All-Star Western #5, by Ladronn

It's rare we get to enjoy bats on a title that doesn't feature Batman. The lighting on this is terrific.

14. The Unwritten #33.5, by Yuko Shimizu

I would probably rank this one higher if Yuko Shimizu's covers weren't so consistently gorgeous. The control bar (is that what they're called?) over by the title is my favorite touch.

13. Fatale #1, by Sean Phillips

I'm always a fan of dual covers. I love the font used for the title.

12. X-Factor #230, by David Yardin

A whole cover's worth of reactions. I don't think Monet is diggin' Wolverine's arms.

11. Animal Man #5, by Travel Foreman

When did Maxine Baker become the most frightening character in the DC universe?

10. Morning Glories #17, by Joe Eisma

This one is pretty simple, but there's something I love about it. My favorite Morning Glories cover so far.

9. Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #1, by Dave Johnson

I'm a fan of any comic cover that looks like an old movie poster. The use of color here is wonderful.

8. Wonder Woman #5, by Cliff Chiang

I would buy this comic for that monster alone. I love how Diana looks like this is something she does all the time. "Gotta beat up a sea monster. Must be a Wednesday."

7. Green Wake #9, by Riley Rossmo

Green Wake is another title that has gorgeous covers month after month. There are so many great little details in this one. Love the lighter colors.

6. Batwoman #5, by JH Williams III

Batwoman covers never fail to stun me. That Alice appears on this one is a lovely bonus.

5. Severed #6, by Attila Futaki

This is Severed's most picturesque cover yet, which makes the eye peeking out at the reader all the creepier. Horror tales are always more chilling when they manage to scare you in the light.

4. Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #528, by Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla does all he can to sell the comic's title with this dynamic cover. I'm excited to see how this one looks with the logo added in.

3. American Vampire #23, by Rafael Albuquerque

The only thing better than a comic cover that looks like an old movie poster is one that looks like an old advertisement.

2. Journey Into Mystery #630, by Stephanie Hans

Just a really striking cover. This would make a great poster.

1. The Shade #4, by Tony

I knew as soon as I saw this that it was my cover of the month. It's a really fun idea, and there are so many fantastic little details. I approve of any cover that has the name J-Bone on it.

By Marceline with 5 comments


the pink haired guy is Quintin Quire! what bugs me is all the nightcrawlers on it, considering he's supposed to be, you know, dead.

also, why aren't richter and especially shatterstar checking wolverine out? more importantly, where are jaime and layla?! hmm......interesting....

I am still pretending he's Scot Kavanaugh!

Maybe they don't like his arms either. =p Both the covers featuring Wolverine are fun because I want to make up stories about them when I look at them.

also why you didn't answer my text mang

what's wrong with wolverine's arms? i like them.

his costume is really out of place among the others. it's the bright colors of his that contrast starkly with the blacks of the others.

I just like picking on Wolverine.

because he's so awful, mir? ;)

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