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Panels Of The Week - Week Of 9/28/11

This was another week of strong art for the new 52. My favorite moment of the week would have to be the origin splash page in The Flash #1, but there were plenty of great single panel moments too. From John Constantine getting the chance to appreciate London, to Geoff Johns challenging our preconceptions of Aquaman, here are our top 5 panels of the week!

5. Justice League Dark

In a book that was often dark and creepy, this panel was so much fun. I can't think of anything more perfect for Constantine to have been teleported into. Milligan's been writing Constantine for a long time now, and obviously he has a good handle on the character, but it was still great the way I heard the character's voice in my head as I read this.

4. Green Lantern: New Guardians

Most days of the week, Guy Gardner is my favorite Green Lantern, but Kyle "Manga Nut with a Power Ring" Rayner will always win in the constructs department. Even though a good chunk of the issue involved a recap of Kyle's origin and the various other lanterns of the universe, Kyle still got a few chances to show off what makes him great. The smile on his face is terrific.

3. All-Star Western

This panel summed up so much of what I loved about All-Star Western. The expressiveness and energy of Moritat's art, Gabriel Bautista's rich and atmospheric colors, and most of all, the Sherlock Holmes-esque vibe between Arkham and Hex. Clearly Arkham is the Watson in this equation, but I feel a little weird calling Hex Holmes. Still, you can't fault his detective work. If punching guys is good enough for Batman, it's good enough for Jonah Hex.

2. The Flash

Like I said in my Flash #1 review, little moments like this are why I love comics. Well executed onomatopoeia is always appreciated, but Francis Manapul's beautiful, intricate artwork really takes this to the next level. Water is something that's drawn badly a surprising amount of the time, so this splash looking perfect really highlights how great Manapul is.

1. Aquaman

I bet that Geoff Johns was giggling to himself when he scripted this one. The line is the sort of thing that might've appeared in a "stuff Aquaman would never say" thread not that long ago, and the image of him sitting at the booth in his full costume is a terrific one. I always appreciate superheroes wearing their costumes like they're the most normal things in the world. This was my favorite panel of the week, and I'm really looking forward to more moments like this as Aquaman continues.

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Hahaha, I completely agree with you on all of these. I love the characterization of Constantine and Guy is totally my favorite GL. And Aquaman was without a doubt the best of the week.

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