Thursday, October 27, 2011

52 Review's Source Wall - Episode 2: The Deadman's Chest

And we're back ladies and gentleman! After a bit of a delay, Eric Holodnak and Bobbinette Carey return with a slightly Halloween themed episode of The Source Wall (formerly just the 52 Review). Several suggestions were taken into an account, some changed were made now, some have to be made later, and some (like me being replaced with someone less annoying) were just not touched upon.

On this episode, we go over several demon and monster based books. Demon Knights, Justice League Dark, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and, because no one demanded it, I, Vampire. Then we talk about if it's possible, in a world like DC's, to have an actually effective horror line. Join us won't you?

And, as always, feel free to comment with suggestions and niceties.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

And if you want to just watch the full version because you've got that sort of time:


Changes in the works:
We are aware that it's still a little rough. We're working on a new location that doesn't have the atrocious echo so, bare with us. For now, I hope you can still enjoy us in the rough, as it were.

By Electric Nerd with 4 comments


Vampire Jubes in in X-23 right now! Unless she's left the book since I stopped reading it.

Eric, I am not used to you being so dressed up. =p

I think I, Vampire actually could appeal to Twilight fans, what with the romance stuff, and show them that vampires can be cool when they're actually monsters. I was unsure about the first issue but really liked the second one.

also: the Shade scene from issue one is a lot more powerful if you've read Shade the Changing Man (which is fantastic). Direct reference to some stuff that happened there. DC needs to finish releasing it in trade.

also also: Animal Man is second only to Severed when it comes to horror comics on the market.

yeah! you took my sugestion! of making it into parts

@Masked Ndi - I did read Shade. And Animal Man's good but it's not scary. Like, it doesn't make me fearful. There's definately some parts where I pause and go..."whaaaat theeee heeeeeeell" but I don't get scared from it.

@Anonymous - You know, if you would actually get yourself a Google account of some sort I could credit you for this, until then, I'm callin' you Annie.

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