Sunday, September 11, 2011

Better Emoting Through Comics

One of the many pitfalls of the internet is the challenge of properly conveying your tone. An innocent comment can easily be read as a sarcastic taunt, and a biting retort can be misconstrued as a compliment. Luckily, comics are here to save the day! Whether you'd like Superman to tell the folks on the internet that tonight, they'll be dining in hell...

...or you feel that Batman can do a better job of conveying your disapproval than your words every could...

...the characters of DC comics are here to help! Here are a few suggestions on how DC's new 52 can help you convey the emotion of your choice!





Drinking an Energy Drink (and liking it):

Drinking an Energy Drink (and not digging it so much):




Horrified and Drawn By Rob Liefeld:

It's Time For You to Leave:

Oh God, My Eyes/Ears:

Don't Even THINK About Messin':

Adjusting My Glasses:

I'm Interested:


Acknowledgement That What You Just Said is Creepy:



Hell No:

Awww Man:

Screw This Post, I'm Outta Here:

By Marceline with 2 comments


Awesome! I was collecting some from various sources to post on CGS but now I'd just be a copycat :p

It's interesting, any of these could be used as a reaction to anything drawn by Liefeld - and they'd be all too appropriate

No no, you should still do the post! I'll link to it here. I only used ones I made, and I've seen some really funny ones with text floating around the internet.

I've already made some from comics that aren't out yet so I'm probably going to do this every week. I need an excuse to share doesaquamanhavetochokeabitch.jpg.

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