Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 10 Comic Book Quotes- Week Of 9/21/11

A new week of comics has already begun, and as always, it's time to take one last lingering look at the best comics of last week. From the nature of Gotham to some clever bits of wordplay, there were plenty of characters this week that had something interesting to say. So before you dive into your new pile of comics, check out what we here at the 52 Review think are the top 10 comic book quotes of the week.

10. "If t is i th end, at l st I died d ng me g od or on e." -- Captain Atom, Captain Atom

9. "As much as I'd like to believe that there's some covert ops team lead by a bunch of supercriminal hotties, I still need this teeny little thing journalists like to call...facts." -- Charlie Keen, Birds of Prey

8. "Because at the end of the day, my past isn't my biggest weakness, it's my biggest strength- it's what makes me who I am. And no matter what Gotham throws at me, that's something it can never take away." -- Dick Grayson, Nightwing

7. "I can take that key right out of your hand. But I'd prefer if you gave it to me willingly." -- Diana, Wonder Woman

6. "Okay...giant metal creatures...falling from the sky...speaking in clicks and beeps...Father would love this dream." -- Kara Zor-El, Supergirl

5. "Never subscribed to any of the religons that value martyrdom highly. A lifetime should be weighed, not simply the moment of death." -- Braniac 5, Legion of Superheroes

4. "You do actually practice brooding. I always suspected." -- Dick Grayson, Batman

3. "I guess you could say I'm the sun of a king." -- Apollo, Wonder Woman

2. "If we survive this thing, I swear, first order of business...I'm going to recruit another me." -- Black Canary, Birds of Prey

1. "My view is, when it comes to Gotham, you don't know it, brother. It knows you. And the moment you think otherwise, the moment you get too comfortable, that's when it stabs you right in the back. Because above everything, Gotham is...a mystery." -- Harvey Bullock, Batman

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