Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: Birds of Prey #1

When I heard that all this series was going to get cancelled and restarted again, I was a little hesitant about it. It had just recently restarted, so restarting it again seemed a little unnecessary.

The issue was a little complicated to follow. While it’s a brand new story, it seems to carry strands from the previous series. Dinah (the Black Canary) makes a reference to Barbra Gordon being able to walk again, and Dinah is still a fugitive. It made me wonder if the characters were aware their lives got altered. It was just very confusing and certainly not that easy for people to jump right into. 

Other than that though, the first issue was a pretty fun read. The Birds have been followed by a reporter at the behest of an anonymous tipper, who is using the reporter to lure out the girls, who in turn knew they were being followed and used the reporter to lure out the bad guys. It’s the sort of fun spy game that I can totally get behind. 

There’re only two girls on the team so far: Black Canary and someone named Starling. However, if the cover is any indication, we’ll be getting at least two more members and one will be none other than the awesome Poison Ivy! It’ll be super interesting to see how the villain dynamic is explored and how she’ll mesh into the group of heroes. 

I loved the story telling of the book. It relied predominantly on flashbacks to tell the story, and it worked. The art is superb and the flashbacks are handled expertly. They use the same pose from the previous panel to transition and it is excellent. It feels like a movie or a TV show. 

The one thing I don’t like though is Black Canary’s new costume. I miss the trench coat. It was just iconic. The yellow accents don’t do much for me either. 

I’m a little sad that storylines from the previous iteration won’t be able to be told (the giant shears wielding Junior was incredibly creepy) but if this version is connected to the past one, then I’m hoping they’ll have a chance.  This, coupled with the ending of this issue (pretty good cliffhanger), will have me coming back next month to see what happens next.

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I actually liked Black Canary's costume here. I think that's mostly because it looks so much better inside than it did on the cover!

I really dug Starling. Looking forward to seeing more of her!

Also, because I can't edit, you should ask Gail Simone about Junior on Twitter or Facebook! She seems pretty committed to trying to keep her characters around, and she also seems to be on good terms with the new writer. Maybe they can work something out. ;)

oh man, i think i will! and if she replies, that'll be super exciting! not sure what i will say though. want to be concise and eloquent and not nerdy and fanboy-y, lol.

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