Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Panels of the Week - Week of 9/7/11

A new week of comics is almost upon us, but before that starts, here's a countdown of this week's 5 best panels. A lot of this week's best moments took up an entire page, but DC put out so many enjoyable books this week it was still easy to come up with a list of single panels. So, without further ado, here are DC's Top 5 Panels of the Week!

5. Static Shock

This is a pretty simple panel, but there's really a lot going on here. Not only does this give new readers some Hardware backstory without breaking up the story, but it gives them a feel for both character's personalities and what their relationship is like. In a first issue, it's easy to spend too much time on exposition, and I appreciate any panel that tells readers what they need to know in a fun and streamlined way.

4. Stormwatch

This entire page, in which media manipulator The Projectionist searches the internet for mentions of Apollo, is terrific, but this panel is my favorite. The concept of photoshopped superhero fights feels so authentic, and I love that fans were given a look at a fantasy throwdown that will probably never be. Just being reminded that the two characters now exist in the same universe is pretty exciting for me. An honorable mention goes out to the panel just above this one, which discusses Apollo slash fiction.

3. O.M.A.C.

Not only does this panel showcase the kind of wacky, imaginative action that made the first issue of O.M.A.C. great, it's a direct reference to the first page of Jack Kirby's original O.M.A.C tale! For me, Build-A-Friend was the highlight of a wonderfully fun comic, and this panel in particular really made me smile. Also, as far as onomatopoeias go, FFRRAATZZ is a pretty terrific one. Something I could easily see coming out of the mouth of a Pokemon.

2. Action Comics

I love everything about this panel. The people of Metropolis fighting to protect their Superman, the reference to "leap tall buildings in a single bound", and just the sense of playfulness and curiosity about his own powers that this version of Superman has. I loved Action Comics from start to finish, but if I had to show people a single panel to sell them on the issue, it'd be this one.

1. Animal Man

This is why Buddy is great. This is why Ellen is great. This is why marriage in comics is great. I love that a story about a man who takes on the abilities of animals can be so down to earth and relatable, and nothing showcases that better than this panel. Animal Man's family is an essential part of his character, and in this one moment, new readers get that as much as long time fans of the character do. And that makes this my panel of the week.

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