Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top 10 Comic Book Quotes- Week of 9/7/11

Before we get to appreciating (and not appreciating) the next round of DC number ones, here's one last look at this week's comics. In no particular order, here are the top 10 comic book quotes of the week.

1. "I--I'm sorry, Daddy. I just wanted a pet of my own."-- Maxine Baker, Animal Man

2. "I told Batman that a man dressed as a bat will not instill fear in the average criminal in Africa. They have seen too much. He told me, "You just have to sell it.""-- David Zavimbe, Batwing

3. "Hey! Is that -- Green Lantern?" -- Random civilian on Booster Gold, Justice League International

4. "We used to have laws in this town. Like gravity. You remember gravity, right?" -- Detective Blake, Action Comics

5. "Jenny Q., out of all the Century Babies, I want you to know-- you're in my top eighteen." -- Adam One, Stormwatch

6. "Behold. I give you Superman. Stay in touch." -- Lex Luthor, Action Comics

7. "I know that my father, he was telling the truth. Because plants can scream. For me, they're screaming all the time." -- Alec Holland, Swamp Thing

8. "Not only do they get the handsome, brilliant, ├╝ber-genius Virgil Hawkins...they also get the not-so-mild-mannered, super-cool, and fiercely awesome Static." -- Static, Static Shock

9. "I grab my favorite "Action Hero" cocktail of animal abilities...strength of an elephant, reflexes of a fly, speed of a cheetah...and the bark of a dog. That one always freaks them out." -- Animal Man, Animal Man

10. "What I want is your complete attention and for you to understand that your life is now mine. I am BROTHER EYE. And you and eye have much to talk about. But first, call your girlfriend, she's worried about you." -- Brother Eye, O.M.A.C.

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Great post! I still need to get my hands on Static and OMAC, but I recognized (and appreciated) the other 8 immediately!

I realize it was technically from the previous week, but the "So you mean you just dress up like a bat?!" line, followed by the subsequent (no spoilers) action. . . definitely #1 on my list of reboot "one-liners."

I totally support your #1, though. So creepy!

#7 - a great sequence, but I'm not sure how well it translates without the paragraph before and after to really crystallize that idea. Definitely one of the best "ideas" out of last weeks DC comics, regardless. Plants are ruthlessly violent, they just do it slowly.

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