Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Appearance of Teen Titan's Bunker!

Courtesy of Teen Titans artist Brett Booth, here's a look at the first appearance of new member Bunker. The character, whose real name is Miguel, grew up in a small Mexican village, who now couldn't be prouder of their superhero. Based on interviews, it looks like Miguel may strike up a close friendship with Tim Drake, and I'm expecting him to be a really likable character. Bunker/Miguel will be making his debut in an issue of the newly relaunched Teen Titans, which launches on September 28th.

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Yeah, I'll have to see how they write the character. I've heard rumors and speculations and I'm getting a little worried.

What has you worried? I generally like Lobdell, and a gay Titan is much appreciated.

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I was actually going to make a point about this in my review, but decided to wait and see before casting judgment.

Actually, this image is much more promising than I expected and is a pleasant surprise.

Bunker's style here is much better than his "Image Comics Presents Barney the Gay Blade" hero costume.

I kind of dig his costume, mostly just because of the purple hulk hands. It is a little goofy, though!

In the actual comic his shirt is going to be blue! And this is from issue #3. Brett Booth is really nice about answering questions on Twitter. :)

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