Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Creator Spotlight: Ben Oliver

As I anxiously await the release of tomorrow's new comics, I figured I'd take the time to spotlight a few of the awesomely talented people working on them.

Ben Oliver is the artist behind Batwing, a comic I haven't seen a whole lot of enthusiasm about. For the most part, I get it; Batwing's basically a brand new character and it's hard for him to stand out in a wave of 52 books. But holy crap guys? LOOK AT THAT ART.

Like many of my favorite comic creators, Ben Oliver hails from the United Kingdom! He got his start working for the anthology 2000 AD, where he proved he can draw one hell of a Judge Dredd:

Those of you are fans of DC's animated products may also recognize this piece he did for the Under the Red Hood dvd:

Aside from his art's obvious aesthetic appeal, Oliver has a real eye for visual storytelling, which you can see an example of in this creepy page he did for the The Ten-Seconders:

I've yet to read Batwing or any of tomorrow's comics, and I certainly can't promise that it's a comic worth reading. But if you happen to see a copy sitting on the shelves of your local comic shop? I'd say Ben Oliver's amazing artwork is reason enough to pick it up and give it a look.

If you'd like to see more of Ben Oliver's work, you can check out his blog here. And check back later this week for a review of Batwing #1!

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