Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Panels Of The Week - Week Of 9/21/11

Between titles like Batman, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, and Supergirl, this week had some of the best art of the new 52. Great art doesn't always make for a good panel, but it definitely played a role in the panels chosen for this week. So before we welcome this week's new comics, here's one final glance at some of the panels that made this week great. Here they are, DC's top 5 panels of the week!

5. Green Lantern Corps

I'm a huge Guy Gardner fan, and panels like this are part of the reason why. He may not have the imagination of Kyle or the design skills of John, but he still finds plenty of interesting uses for his ring. The first thing I thought when I read this was "Guy would call himself a chucklehead". That tiny construct version of Guy is a great image.

4. Red Hood and the Outlaws

There were aspects of Red Hood and the Outlaws that didn't work for me, but this panel isn't one of them. It's got that goofy, buddy comedy meets action movie vibe I was really hoping the book would have, and it highlights a lot of what's great about Kenneth Rocafort's art. The smoke outside of the actual panel is a nice touch.

3. Nightwing

Even without the text, this panel highlights the differences between Batman and Nightwing beautifully. The crumpled costume and books on the floor, the bowl of cereal that is most definitely not being served to him by a butler. His TV's a little bigger than mine, but his loft is the sort of place I can see myself living in. His line about living in the best part of the town seems very true to the character.

2. Wonder Woman

For me, one of the best things about Wonder Woman was its panel to panel storytelling, but I still had no trouble finding a single panel to spotlight. This was a great way of giving readers a feel for the character without doing one of the "this is who I am" monologues we've seen in a lot of relaunch books. Both that shield and helmet are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm really hoping we get to see them in action soon.

1. Batman

I knew as soon as I saw this that it was going to be my favorite panel of the week. It takes some incredible talent to draw tilted panels like the ones on this page, and the simple back to back shadows behind them add to the feeling of movement and energy of the page. The Joker's facial expression is brilliant. I like the slight sense of playfulness Bruce has here. He really feels like he's grown through out the comic, and this is one fun way to show it.

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