Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Panels Of The Week - Week Of 9/14/11

Much like last week, many of the best moments took place across an entire page. DC is really giving their artists freedom to play around with wide screen panels and page layout, and it's making for some great looking books. For me, this week didn't quite measure up to the stellar one before, but in spite of all that, I still had no trouble finding 5 great single panels. Once again, here are DC's top 5 panels of the week!

5. Deathstroke

For all my complaints about this week and planes, I have to say that this scene really worked for me. The idea of using Clayface DNA to experiment on soldiers is an interesting one, but more than anything, I just liked seeing Slade's sense of humor. It's also the panel where I figured out the voice I was going to read Slade in (he kind of sounds like Ron Perlman).

4. Green Lantern

Oh Hal. I'm really going to miss stuff like this when you get your ring back. Bringing back Hal Jordan was obviously a good move on DC's part, but the character's never really grabbed me since he stopped being crazy. Sad, ringless Hal has sucked me right back in, and I hope the character can keep being interesting when he has powers again. "I've been out of town" is a nice line.

3. Demon Knights

What I love about this panel is that everyone's having a bit of a moment in it, even the perpetually dull Jason Blood. I like the use of the pale and larger, bolder text to convey the volume at which each character is speaking. The facial expressions here are brilliant too. Vandal Savage looks like he wants to wink so badly.

2. Batwoman

While JH Williams III is known for his complicated, intricate pages, this panel works because of its simplicity. His work is beautiful in black and white, and it makes for a really powerful moment. This was actually one of the most controversial panels of the week- many readers took this as a sign that Renee Montoya was dead. Rest assured, Williams himself has said that the wall photos were of officers who had received special commendations. Renee may no longer be The Question, but she's definitely alive and well.

1. Frankenstein

This panel doesn't even need words to make it work. Frankenstein shouting down a tiny schoolgirl with his finger on her nose is a terrific visual image all by itself. There were actually several panels from Frankenstein I wanted to put up here- I really like the shot of the team as the doors open on the city of monsters- but for me, this was the image that really summed up what made this issue fun. If you have yet to check out Frankenstein, I strongly suggest you do so.

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