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Review: Green Lantern Corps #1

Unlike everyone else in the new 52 (save 90% of the Bat family) the Green Lantern corner of the
universe is largely unchanged. Personally, I think this is a mixed bag. I love the addition of the other lantern corps and the character development, but I’ll be honest. Blackest Night did not, unfortunately, live up to the hype. I’ve always liked the Corps most when we see their more day to day (read: non mass event) missions. The GL corps are after all, a bunch of cops in a universe where literally anything can happen.

Anything in this case equals UGLY!
Right off the bat, I love this art! Considering the difficulty a lot of space based comics have
historically had, it really can’t be understated how critical the art is for the GL Corps. Fernando Pasarin’s ultra detailed style works wonders making the different alien species unique and believable. As a reader this makes the broader universe completely believable.

Tomasi opens with an ultra violent, but brilliantly drawn, introduction of the new villain slaying a couple of unknown Lanterns in their Sector House. Pasarin’s art blends excellently with the writing, and there is a genuine sense of horror and shock felt through the facial expressions of the unknown Lanterns as they’re 'gunned down’. It’s also nice to see that the series isn’t shying away from the violence that has become fairly standard in recent years.

Unnamed GL. AKA your basic redshirt.
Cut to the introduction of both Guy Gardner and John Stewart as they attempt to find jobs and
establish some kind of normal to their lives outside of being Green Lanterns. Guy is looking to coach high school football and John is back to architecture. Also, Guy explains how a GL’s sector works (which was cool because even though I’ve been reading for years, I had no idea the sectors were shaped like wedges with Oa at the center), and John gives a basic rundown of how the rings work. It serves as a great intro for readers new to the characters and universe without being heavy handed for long time fans.

When this, unsurprisingly, doesn’t go well we then see them both commiserating as only GL’s can. I especially love how Guy points out how they’ve never worn masks in comparison to Hal and Kyle.

Tomasi sets them up as long time friends and colleges who respect and understand each other. I’m reminded of Riggs & Murtaugh, which is just awesome. Considering they could easily be paired as a ‘odd couple’ it’s nice to see this is the direction Tomasi is taking.

Jump to Oa, which is actually the most updated thing in the universe. Oa looks more like a mountain retreat than the planet wide city of old. Though clearly inspired by the movie (and the less said about that the better), it’s a refreshing update.

Not pictured: Ryan Reynolds and poor direction.
Here we get a quicky intro to the Corp, and Corp administrator Salaak before Guy (as per always) loud-mouthedly pushes his way into taking over the mission; discover who’s killing the Lantern’s in sector 3599.

Guy & John quickly put together a group of well known Lanterns to go investigate. Hopefully Tomasi will be able to give new readers quick and comprehensive backgrounds into these favorite Lanterns as the series goes on, same as he’s already done with Guy & John. To me that’s always been the strength of this series, the ensemble cast from across the universe. So far this series is exactly what I want it to be and a great jumping on point for new readers.

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