Friday, September 02, 2011

Playing God, the DC Way

I was ranting to another comic fan and good friend of mine and she brought up a very fun question while I was talking about how little I'm looking forward to the reboot. "Alright," she said, "pretend you ARE a, pretend you're a fan and you work for DC. Pitch some ideas for books you'd make in this reboot using new versions of known characters." I smelled a challenge. So, I'm going to sit here until I have five.

1) Titans

Realizing that sometimes god-likes powers equal forgetting about the regular joe, a bunch of non-powered characters get together and form the Titans to patrol and solve mysteries. But how will the group of six (made u
p of Ted Kord, Don Hall, Max Lord, Charles Szasz and married couple Ralph and Sue Dibny) handle the changes to their organization when Max sells part of the company to up and coming business mogul Lex Luthor?

2) The Commissioner

The newly appointed Commissioner Gordon is one of the finest examples of humanity you could hope to find in the cesspool that is Gotham. He's an amazing officer. He's an amazing husband. He's an amazing father. His only qualm is, in a city over run with freaks and costumed psychopaths he seems to be the only one who can't stand them. How will he react when a trail of clues leads to his daughter being one of the towns many masked members?

3) Misfits

Tired of being rejected by the super-hero community, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe uses the wealth she inheritted by the passing of her parents to put an add out for other super powered people to be paid by her to be in her group. But can the rag tag group of responders such as Barda, Black Alice, Vixen and Gypsy show enough patience to reach their first paycheck having to deal with their naive teenage benefactor? Or can the group stick together long enough to teach each other what it really means to be a hero?

4) Royal Flush Family

Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 make up the Royal Flush Gang. One of the DC Universe's most successful gang of thieves. But they have a secret. They're also a family. Can this family of villains stick it out as a full house? Or will their next mission end up as a bust?

5) Ch'p the Lantern

Something for the beginning reader. Ch'p, a member of the squirrel like H'lvenites, was constantly being teased for being smaller then the others. But one faithful day he's approached by the Guardians who offer him a membership into the Lantern Corp! As a little fish (squirrel?) in a big pond, join Ch'p on a tale (tail?) where he must prove to others that he's just as big in spirit as his teammates.

So there. Five ideas for the revamp. Tried to touch on what they believe the young readers want. We've got every day people, teen angst, family drama (and a little bit of toddler reading) all without working in vampires. What do you think?

Also, if you have an idea, drop it in the comments below. For extra challenge points, do what I did and star characters who haven't yet been announced in the new universe. Get to it!

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I actually think I, Vampire might be pretty good. DC is shamelessly capitalizing on the vampire trend, such, but the art looks great and I've really enjoyed the interviews with the writer.

I'd rather have that Ch'p book, though. Get Landry Walker to write it!

Oh man, Landry would be great for it too. I have another idea for a good writer as well. Marc Sumerak. He's one of the guys who used to go to the library comic meetings with me and actually writes books. For Marvel sadly. But he wrote Power Pack and if that doesn't qualify you for all-ages goodness I don't know what does.

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